Carpet Protectors Furniture

carpet protectors furniture

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Day 1 Protection In Place

Day 1 Protection In Place

We ... ok my wife, spent many weeks clearing 19 years of stuff out of the kitchen. This image shows the state of things before White Crane, the contractor, really got started. They had done some site protection such as covering some of the windows, putting down carpet protector and covering the furniture that was too heavy to move convienently. Note harvest gold stove and oven.

More than you wanted to know - It was very dark and rainy day when I took this. Thus, I was able to get exposures that showed good interior detail and outside detail. This is nearly a 360 degree panoramic view that would have been a major challenge for Photomatix and HDR. I suspect by the time we are done there will be snow on the ground which will cause the exterior portion to be way blown out.

Try a little tenderness.

Try a little tenderness.

So rare those moments, that both mother and child are quiet and relaxed. Would you trust your wife and newborn to inferior merchandise.
But seen here, true craftsmanship from " Tyair & Eddry Tredds" House of superior refinement - the latest in maternal laidback bliss - Thankyou mum, for letting us be of such elegant service.

carpet protectors furniture

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